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Baba Devi Sahab's Marvellous Speeches
Baba Devi Sahab became a great Sant after Sant Tulsi Sahab. Sant Tulsi Sahab had predicted the incarnation of Baba Devi Sahab as a born yogi. Munshi Maheshwari Lal had utmost devotion for Sant Tulsi Sahab. So, due to that love Tulsi Sahab used to visit his home. Maheshwari Lal had no any son and so he used to remain sad. On pleasing by his service and love, Sant Tulsi Sahab once blessed Munshi Maheshwari Lal that soon he would have a great sant-soul as his son who would change the millions lives by his spiritual power. Sants' sayings never become false. Thus Munshi Maheshwari became father of a boy that very year, March 1841. The biography of Baba Devi Sahab will be uploaded soon on this website. Baba Devi Sahab started the propagation of Santmat widely from the year of 1887 and visited many places in India and neighbour countries and spread the knowledge of Santmat. He delivered many speeches on different subjects like Salvation, Devotion, Universe, God, and meditation. Some of His discorses are being presented here. This speech has been exerpted from a book named "Baba Devi Sahab: Jeewan Aur Updesh" (Baba Devi Sahab: life and discourses) authored by Baba Nandan, a main attendant and great disciple of Baba Devi Sahab.
Sadguru Baba Devi Sahab

Speech on Bhakti
Baba Devi Sahab departed from Multan and reached Karachi (now in Pakistan) through Queta and many intermediate places. In Karachi, He delivered a marvellous speech on Bhakti i.e. devotion.

Friends! At this time I want to say something to you on a topic which is often talked about, which is often at the tongue of all the people of the earth, but alas! They pay no attention at all to it and regard it as a petty thing. In my view this is an extremely valuable thing that has been considered by the sages of all faiths and creeds to be absolutely essential for accomplishment of their goals. They treat this as the quintessential principle and reckon all other principles as secondary and subservient to this. Also, they believe that without its help, no (other) principle can be effective, nor can success be achieved in any activity - this worldly or the other-worldly. If we choose to call it a 'mystery', it undoubtedly deserves being called so, because that Supreme Soul (God) is the biggest of all mysteries; but, in fact, its rank is no lesser than His. There is a relationship of equality between it and God, and even between the two, it holds the higher rank God coming second after it. If God is considered as a lock, it is the key (to open that lock); because without its help neither has the secret of God, nor the secret of creation been revealed to anybody. Whoever comes to possess even a precious little of this wealth also comes to know of both the above secrets, or else there are millions of people who part this world without having realized the secrets of God and (His) creation.
Now the question is: what is this entity called and where is it to be found? Well! Its name is 'Bhakti', 'Ishq', devotion and love. Seen superficially, these three words might appear to be different but in essence these are one and the same. Call it 'bhakti' (devotion), call it 'Ishq' (Urdu equivalent of intense love) or call it love. This (bhakti) has the quintessential and innate character to unite two things together and give birth to a new shape or form. These shapes may be of different kinds, small or big. Some of these shapes at this time are so large that we come to recognize that this is this. And, some shapes are so small that it is not possible to know them even with the help of a microscope. In such a situation how can such an intricate subject be easy of comprehension to common people!
Thus it is evident that these extremely tiny entities or atoms are definitely acted upon by some such thing which has a natural propensity of uniting. Had there been no such thing in action, all these bodies and things would not have come into existence; such a vast world would not have been there for us to see. Beginning from the atom to the whole world, there is a common thread running through all of these so that they can not budge from their position in any way, and that (thread) is bhakti. If that part of indwelling bhakti leaves these the whole of world and its atoms would be disassembled and broken into pieces.
Therefore, we should understand that bhakti is the life or soul of the entire world; it is responsible for the existence of everything from the tiny atom to all the bodies and masses.
All these celestial bodies including the various stars and galaxies filling up the sky are constantly moving full of devotion, from the east to the west, and keep imparting their power i.e. light and life to this earth through their rays which are the source of all life on the earth. Inspired by the very same bhakti, the earth too is incessantly dancing (rotating and revolving) and injecting its innumerable currents of life-force in the form of juice (fluids) into the entire flora. The vegetable kingdom also bubbling with the same devotion infuses its currents of life-force in the form of food or grains into the animals which thus get their life. Again these animals, too, completely soaked in the spirit of devotion impart their life-current into their offspring in the form of their milk.
Now we stand mesmerized - whether this is creation or a store house of bhakti where each and every substance is radiating bhakti, with great pomp and éclat, keeping its favoured goal or deity before it and is dissolving into its object of love. All these work so much till the end that they disappear merging into their objects of love. Look! These luminous stars, constellations etc. gradually vanish in the process of enhancing minerals etc, while these minerals slowly disappear serving the flora or the vegetable kingdom. Likewise, the vegetation destroy themselves working in the interest of animals.
So what should we call bhakti - Wine or Chloroform? The whole of world is going mad under whose intoxicating effect! Just see! This bhakti is neither a fruit nor any dessert or sweet dish. Yet its taste is so wonderful that if anyone brings merely its name on his tongue and proclaims, Love! Devotion!, then it instantly generates a wave in the human heart, be he a kid, youth or old , and permeates our veins throwing us into a kind of trance, a sort of intoxication. Bhakti has a unique characteristic so that it completely overpowers anyone towards whom does it turn its glance, even partially; and that person spontaneously becomes biased in its favour. He stands before it with folded hands… ready every moment to do its bidding, to follow its orders!
Bhakti has made a thunderous proclamation all over the world about its miraculous exploits of bringing the gigantic and violent creatures under its control and making them dance to its tune like a woman or kids do in a circus performing different feats. It is by dint of this bhakti that even a junior steno, clerk or peon makes his officer so amicable and favourable to him that the latter is ready to help him, even by going out of way, circumventing the official laws and orders. It is through the power of bhakti that an accountant or a servant attracts the attention of his master and gets things (in reward) which even the kiths and kins of the latter keep craving for. Not only this! With bhakti all the powers and all the deities can be brought under one's control… following the hint and inspiration of bhakti one can perform such miraculous feats which would leave people completely baffled who start calling (these feats) miracles, 'Siddhi', 'Maujajaa', 'Sahar' or magic.
Bhakti establishes a connection of affection, a relationship between God and man… orders and counsellings regarding this world and the other world come into existence which people call 'Ilhaam'. With the power of bhakti, people can foretell future happenings, can convert possible into impossible and the vice versa. Bhakti is capable of destroying all the ill effects and attacks of black magic and various diseases. The prayers of a devout person alone are accepted (by God). Bhakti makes a person immensely wise and of pure intellect. Virtues such as of honesty and truthfulness stand with folded hands in attendance of a devout being. Bhakti is the religion/duty of the whole world; no creed, faith or sect can remain steady and stable in absence of it. What is most significant about bhakti is that is opens up inside man the easy pathway to God, treading on which man reaches his centre or destination from where he never (needs to) return.
In short, bhakti is such a thing without which no worldly or heavenly acts can be accomplished. He alone is a human being (in true sense) who knows the key to or secret of bhakti. He whose heart is devoid of the spirit of love is not even as good as an animal; he is rather much more inferior to that.
Now the question is: what is this bhakti which has been so elaborately described? Is it a very old entity, or has it been born of something? What is this (bhakti)? Since the beginning of the creation, there has been three types of great people whom the world hail as wise and sacred souls; their understanding and thoughts have formed the foundation stone of all the faiths, philosophies and sciences in the whole of world. Some of these great persons say that 'bhakti' is the central thing and the very question of its antiquity or novelty is meaningless. Others are of the opinion that bhakti itself is the Supreme Lord or God; it has not been born of any other thing... God and bhakti are otherwise one and the same thing, differing only in their names. The third group of greats opines that bhakti is something which is born, and is superior to 'Jeevaatmaa' (individual non-liberated soul, the Self with the bondage of Maayaa i.e. illusion) but inferior than God.
A close examination, however, evinces that though bhakti appears to be of (above-mentioned) three forms, in reality it is the same entity; because if, going by the first point of view, it is taken to be the central thing, even then it is almost as respectable as God who is the repertoire of bhakti. If, on the other hand, as per the second opinion, bhakti itself is the God, in that case too, God is its treasure-trove. Further, if the third school of thought is held to be true, bhakti is superior to Jeevaatmaa but lower than God, then also God is its origin or centre. In the last, I have to state that bhakti, whether it is a thing, is God Himself or something superior to Jeevaatmaa, its properties remain the same in every case. It also proves that its cause or source is one only, not many.
Bhakti is the animating force or the essence of the whole world. It is not that it has now disappeared or gone somewhere else; rather it is manifesting its influence in its various hues, hiding itself in cloaks of creation. To test if this is true, just have a look at the person closest to you. Had there been no part of bhakti in him, he would have been lying in the world like a dead pebble or stone. It is the very power of bhakti driven by which man is walking and performing various tasks; because for every effort, every inspiration that is driving the man or causing all his works to be discharged, bhakti is at the root. Bhakti is that essential substance without which any work, either of this world or of the other world, can not be fulfilled; for all such tasks which a man performs with genuine zeal get accomplished well and all other works in which we do not feel sincerely involved remain incomplete or are half done only.
What I mean is that bhakti or love is an extremely essential ingredient for successful completion of everything, every task, and, therefore, is regarded as special component in all the endeavours aimed at success in any field whatsoever. Hence, a wise man must examine, before starting any work, as to whether he possesses sufficient amount of bhakti for completing a given task. If yes, he should begin that work, otherwise he should keep mum and make an effort to enhance the quantum of bhakti in him. When adequate bhakti would be acquired, the tasks would get automatically fulfilled.
Now the question arises that if bhakti is an unfailing means to the attainment of this-worldly and the other-worldly goals, where & how it is to be found? In this regard, ancient as well as current sages state that bhakti is inherently present in one and all; but there are some veils hanging in front of it which keep it from manifesting itself. So, we should go to that place where the way to remove these veils is taught. In the terminology of sants and noble people, such a place is called 'Satsang' (association of devouts to disucss on God, medittion and Sants' sayings) where methods are taught to inculcate bhakti and remove the veils that keep it under cover. These processes are so simple and common that these may be followed by each and every person. The first of these is about the health of the body, second is about the health of organs, and the third about the health of the soul.
The way to ensure good bodily health is through intake of appropriate and pure/sacred food which has been procured through pure means or noble people, because the food we eat has an effect on our organs which in turn have an impact on the soul which ultimately affects the success in meditation on God. If the body is not healthy & strong, the inner power and ardour/fire needed for the purpose do not get fully developed in it, and the time devoted in meditation does not bear enough success; in absence of success, the goal of the practitioner is not achieved.
We should protect or shield our organs and mental propensities from the pride of worldly fame, wealth, education and lineage, because all such pride is enemy of bhakti; bhakti deserts those places which are inhabited by these. If bhakti is light, these are darkness. Bhakti gets displeased with whoever grants room in his heart to these enemies of bhakti. It is mandatory for the seekers of bhakti to keep away from the company of people who remain under the sway of their passionate desires or lists for such company is more lethal than even 'Halaahal' (the mythical deadly poison produced during the churning of the ocean by gods and demons). Listening to discussions of such people destroys our best virtues and kindles the fire of jealousy and greed within us leading to an ever worrisome and restless state of mind.
Health of the soul is ensured through proper utilization, internal as well as external, of three organs namely mouth, eyes, and ears. First, guarding ourselves against lying we should devote our talks to singing praises of God and prayers. It is natural for any one to be happy and begin to love someone who praises him. So, if somebody praises God, God begins to love him. For example, if I tell you now that such and such person admires you, you would naturally become pleased with him and feelings of affection towards him would to begin to surge within you. There is no other way more efficacious than this to please God. To counsel other people of the world and try to persuade them onto the noble path is also included within (the category of) praising the God. So much about the external utilization of speech. Internal utilization of speech consists of speaking less, speaking with restraint, refraining from debates and discussions, and speaking ill of others.
Secondly, we should suitably use the organ of vision, the eyes, in careful observation of things, in such a way which makes us aware of the might of the Lord and the thinking of philosophers, which, in turn, strengthens our determination in religion that we are treading the straight path which has been used earlier also by (the wise) people. This is about putting our faculty of seeing to right use in the external world. The way to proper utilization of this faculty in the inner world is different, which is known as 'Ilm-e-vaseerat', that is, the knowledge acquired within through inner vision. This knowledge is such a unique knowledge to acquire which Aflatoon had to devote a good 13 years in the temples of Egypt.
By fixing the gaze in one's front in the inner space, one gets to see the various prophets, incarnations, gods and sages exactly (as they were) and also the divine radiance & light. The two visualizations are of distinct nature. Sightings of incarnations, gods etc. enable us to realize the hidden secrets as also what has been told (by the wise) through words or symbolic hints at different times. Whereas, by beholding the divine radiance & light a range of sciences and disciplines never heard of or read about are revealed within; this is the main gateway to the revelation of various learning, skills, disciplines and sciences. Practice of this art of seeing is variously referred to as "Drishti Saadhan" or "Bindu Dhyaan" (The Yoga of Vision, Meditation on the Infinitesimal Point within). We should guard ourselves against fixing our sight at gross substances (of the external world), for they lead to several unwanted & evil dispositions or tendencies such as insanity, poor memory, stupidity, deceit, hypocrisy etc.
Thirdly, we should use our organ of hearing, ears, in listening carefully to the speeches, sayings or discourses of preceptors, counsellors, gurus and lecturers, and concentrate on (devotional) songs. These breed bhakti and the soul gets its appropriate food which produces a unique, indescribable joy. Songs have a (magical) effect even on great scholars and wise people. They get lost in these singings and their heads begin to sway in joy uttering praises. At such times, they become so engrossed, so absorbed that they are even not mindful of the rules of the assembly/ gathering (where such soulful renderings are being made). Persons engrossed in thoughts of God are lifted by such devotional songs into a state of mind that is called 'Wajd'. In such a state their heads begin to spontaneously swing in ecstasy, a bliss which is impossible of description. Even animals can not remain untouched by this joy; they also get drunk on joy and begin to dance. It is the magic spell of music only that soldiers perish on the battleground without caring for their lives. Music casts a direct influence on body, organs and the soul; diseases of body, organs and soul get cured by this (music). This is the explicit impact of sound which is concerned with the external use of ears.
The other music or sound is internal and the way to listen to that is by focussing our attention on the internal 'Shabda' or sound which is ringing within each one of us. Sound (internal sound) is a highly precious wealth in the life of every human being. So long as this sound is present in a man he is alive; as soon as the sound exits, it is the end of him. Thus, the difference between a corpse and a living man is that while a man is alive he walks and speaks, and when the sound leaves him, he is able to neither walk nor talk. The cycle of life is the result of the inspiration of sound only; sound itself is the essence or soul of all those books which are said to be 'Ilhaami', 'Aasmaanee' or heavenly, through or with the help of which people acquired the longevity spans in ancient times which sound incredible today.
In human mind, there are three more compartments apart from the natural (physical) part namely, 'Shabda' (sound), 'Prakaash' (light) and 'Andhakaar' (darkness). The waves or vibrations of sound permeate the whole of the body through light, darkness, brain and the tiny blood vessels (arteries/veins) in that order. It exists in the body in the form of vitality or life-current, it exists in the mental sky in the form of light, while it exists as sound in the void. This sound is an immensely valuable entity. In ancient times Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Hindus had authored several books on sound. That is why, I say that it is the highest duty of every individual to acquire experiential knowledge of this sound and to investigate or explore the origin or source from where this sound flows out.
Friends, with this I end my talk on bhakti. I very humbly request you to pardon me please if anything of what I have said has not been to your liking.
-- translated by respected Shri Pravesh Kumar Singh, a devout in Santmat.

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